A Mind Disturbed

July 10, 2017 - Leave a Response

I have a mind that is restless

Not the kind that yearns for

Rivers to cross safely

It’s a mind that’s disturbed


Could it be that I’m looking

For peace in the wrong place?

Is it time for seeking deeper

Meaning in a mind disturbed?


Why can’t my feelings be suppressed and snuffed out?

Could there be better things

For me to look at for growth

And truth that calm the soul?


I wonder what life’s about

I’m longing for more knowledge

I’m eager to live elsewhere

Due to a mind disturbed

@MarthaN. 10 July 2017


I Don’t Usually Waste Time

June 17, 2017 - Leave a Response

I want to have depth’s babies

Since I gather that fame,

Wealth and looks can cause grief.

Offspring of depth, in brief,

Will breed patience and name.


Fights and racing for highest

Rankings are not my strife.

I appreciate sharp minds
That don’t exist for kinds

Of slight stuff in this life.


I don’t usually waste time

Pondering on which lass to date later

I don’t usually waste time

On romance like a fixed, serial, chain dater

Don’t usually waste time


Like a clock with no battery

And an incomplete tale

Life with no astuteness

Has no meaning to me

Value is in acuteness


The bad scene in my movie

Shows that merit, control

And skill never are crowned

All I need can’t be found

Dwelling in a flat soul


I don’t usually waste time

Pondering on which lass to date later

I don’t usually waste time

On romance like a fixed, serial, chain dater

Don’t usually waste time

@MarthaN 16 June 2017

How You Cut Me

January 22, 2015 - Leave a Response

I know you won’t
But that’s convenient
In fact, conducive
for me to be

When you lose part of
it’s a good thing
to take time
to be mended
onto every split
with just the right

But you ripped out the
using razor
blades and sharp knives
And that’s how you
cut me


His Fresh Misses

January 22, 2015 - Leave a Response

I wonder where he is now
This husband of mine who does not care
I better feed our child first
And then I will think of his affair

I’m not jealous of his flame
since I don’t like puppy-like kisses
I want to see the girl that can
match his big thirst
and his fresh Misses

Let me take my sweet baby with me
I don’t have time to fight for this flea
that likes to bite kittens and then
comes back to bother me


This is What I Feel

January 22, 2015 - Leave a Response

I met a man at a party
who like a fireplace, made me feel warm
in his big arms.
His next move kind
of caught me off-guard.
His lips touched my
frictionless cheek as he declared,

‘Consider eight letters now
The ones referred to as magic
This is what I feel for you
Good Lady Samali.’
When i thought about it
I said to him,
‘I love you too my dear friend and my star
You’re very seductive.’

I could not get the peck away
from my thinking.

At the next ball, he put his
arm around me several
times and at some point he threw me up in the air
like I were his baby

When the ball came to an end, he kissed me
like I were his lover, as he said to me,
‘Consider eight letters now
The ones referred to as magic
This is what I feel for Ann,
my Good Lady.’


Why Men Don’t Want Marriage

June 2, 2014 - Leave a Response

Why don’t men want marriage? I ask. For calm

for fun, for joy. They want to have no strife

They dream of love; believe in soul mate chums

who will accept them the way they are, truly

and sweetly play their roles. Men want the best

type of woman who will not stress them out

They want to own land first before they wed

To be rich is crucial for goal reach

Routine, space, peace, freedom and bliss they want

for a long-drawn-out time with no burdens

To live with a fine woman who is not

married to them is what they want most

Basking in the gains of wedlock for free,

Dodging the risks that come with bad split-ups

is why many never want to get hitched



Being Single at 39

January 23, 2014 - Leave a Response

On some days I feel unflustered
Other moments I’m lonely
‘You are picky’
People begin to say

Other moments I’m lonely
‘Broaden your prospects, Esperanza’
People begin to say
‘Try online conjugation’

‘Broaden your prospects, Esperanza’
‘You are picky’
It’s not like that at all moments for me
On some days I feel unflustered

@MarthaN  23rd January 2014

What is a Man?

January 23, 2014 - Leave a Response

A man’s a question paper

That makes women explore for answers

That make sense and give specifics

At times each deviating from the other

Man’s a mystery

Loaded with riddles

A game…

For one to learn its scheme

@MarthaN 23rd January 2014

My Boyfriend

January 23, 2014 - Leave a Response

I really want to be his child

His coddling would defrost me like

A soft ice cream

That’s being left to sit

With just the right topping of fruit

@MarthaN 23rd January 2014

Lauren – For Taata Lauren

July 24, 2009 - 4 Responses

Your Dad loves you so much.
This I found touching,
The same way Manjeri did.
Lauren little angel
May you desire God’s word
And be caring and robust
Just like a laurel tree

Mom’ll understand you
She’ll teach you how to cook
And will give you the first tips on boys.
But your Dad will set the norm for him –
The man you will tie the knot with.

I know little angel
That you’ll read Manjeri and you’ll enjoy it very much.
I know Lauren little angel
You’ll love Babyliss.

Your Dad loves you without end,
You have brought him such joy.
For you are his first,
Lauren little angel.
Sometimes Mom will scold you,
But she loves you dearly,
You’re her pride and joy.
And when you’ve grown,
You will know Mom was right
And you will be a fine ma’am just like her.
Her codes will sound in your mind,
Each time you have a snag.

Your Dad will fuss over you and really spoil you,
He’ll provide you with all you will need.
He’s the closest living,
Live print of Christ
That you will know.
Make good use of that.